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5 reasons to choose an Ambleside B&B over a Hotel

21 August 2017

Planning a trip or a holiday is always lots of fun, and while picking the perfect accommodation can be enjoyable, too, it can also leave you with a lot to consider. It’s easy to dive straight into hotel listings, but you could be really missing out if you don’t consider a B&B or guest house […]

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What makes our Ambleside Bed and Breakfast great?

11 July 2017

We ought to be straight with you – we’re not entirely impartial on this!  We can think of numerous reasons why our Ambleside B&B is great – and we’re mentioning some of them below – but just as it’s difficult to describe how beautiful a piece of music is to someone who’s never heard it, […]

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Attractions close by when you stay at a Bed & Breakfast in Ambleside

14 June 2017

So, you’ve made the wise decision to stay in an Ambleside B&B – we don’t hesitate to say that this will turn out to be one of the best decisions you will ever make! Previously we’ve covered a selection of what’s on in the town in the way of events, and some of the beautiful […]

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Attractions near our guest house in Ambleside

24 May 2017

We’ve seen how wonderful Ambleside itself is, and we’ve agreed that there’s so much to do here that you’re spoilt for choice – very much what’s known as a “First World Problem” and an excuse, if one is needed, to sit down and think about it while taking in the view and perhaps enjoying a […]

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Local upcoming events near your guest house in Ambleside

27 April 2017

“A thing of beauty is a joy for ever” So wrote John Keats at the start of his epic poem Endymion.  To be fair, scholars are not divided on what he meant by that, but we’d like to add our own interpretation … that he was talking about Ambleside. Or at least could have been.  […]

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A guest house in Ambleside – what are the perks?

24 March 2017

If you’re lucky enough to be heading for the wonderful Lake District, and wondering where to stay, how on Earth would you decide – with all that fabulous choice?  Very much a “First World Problem”, of course, but a very pleasant one for all that. You would probably begin by listing the things you would […]

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