5 reasons to choose an Ambleside B&B over a Hotel

5 reasons to choose an Ambleside B&B over a Hotel

21 August 2017

Planning a trip or a holiday is always lots of fun, and while picking the perfect accommodation can be enjoyable, too, it can also leave you with a lot to consider. It’s easy to dive straight into hotel listings, but you could be really missing out if you don’t consider a B&B or guest house as well.

For years these have been the perfect accommodation for a British holiday, and here are five further reasons why a Lake District B&B is a fantastic option for you:

B&B’s are great value

Budget hotels do exist, but you’ll find out pretty quickly that budget really does mean budget. Small, soulless rooms, plus charges for extra facilities are not uncommon. Guesthouses and B&Bs, however, are typically brilliant value and include much more for your money, including that all important big breakfast!

A B&B has character

Why choose a generic, white-washed bedroom that’s simply a clone of hundreds more identical rooms? With a B&B, you’ll find charm and character in everything from the furniture to the wall paper, offering a cosy, homely feel that you’ll never want to leave.

Guest house owners give personal attention

Guesthouses pride themselves in excellent customer service. Your hosts will welcome you like old friends and, as locals, offer insightful facts, guidance and information on the surrounding area. You’ll never struggle to find someone when you need them as staff will always be on hand and ready to help.

B&Bs are located in historic buildings

Nothing adds charm to your holiday more than staying in a house filled with heritage or history. Staying in restored buildings with a fascinating background and a story to tell – what could be better for your B&B, Ambleside?

You get little extras in a bed and breakfast

Unlike the quick in and out vibe of a hotel, B&Bs aim to make every visitor feel as though they’re in a home away from home, with little extras adding to your experience. From free Wi-Fi, free parking and personal touches around every corner, it’s no wonder that many guests find themselves visiting time and time again.

B&Bs are unique, you’ll never find two the same. So, consider an Ambleside guest house today and enjoy better value, character, history and personal attention for a truly memorable holiday that you’ll never forget.

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