A guest house in Ambleside – what are the perks?

A guest house in Ambleside – what are the perks?

24 March 2017

If you’re lucky enough to be heading for the wonderful Lake District, and wondering where to stay, how on Earth would you decide – with all that fabulous choice?  Very much a “First World Problem”, of course, but a very pleasant one for all that.

You would probably begin by listing the things you would like to do – go boating on the Lakes, go walking and take in the breathtaking scenery, perhaps visit Wordsworth’s Cottage or where Beatrix Potter was inspired … or numerous other attractions.  Or simply switch off from all the hurly burly and spend some time relaxing – pottering around little craft and book shops, having a quiet drink in an authentic pub, perhaps a little bit of fine dining?

Then you might list where you would want to do all these things, as the Lake District is very large (36 miles east to west, 40 miles north to south, and 912 square miles in total!) and it would take a very long time to see and do everything – or at least do it justice.

And having done all that, you would need to decide on your base.  Somewhere conveniently located – naturally – “in” the heart of the Lakes, not on the outskirts.  Somewhere not too big and bustling (not that anywhere in the Lakes quite fits that category) but with enough amenities so that you don’t always have to drive if you don’t feel like it.  Somewhere picturesque, somewhere you would feel relaxed as soon as you arrive.  Somewhere special.

There are a few contenders, it’s true, but the place that stands out by ticking all the boxes is lovely Ambleside.  Often called the “Jewel of the Lakes”, this little market town is nestled at the head of Lake Windermere and offers everything a visitor could ask for.  Not that you would, of course, but you could park up and spend all your time there.

So having settled on that, where would you stay?  Well, thankfully, Ambleside like the rest of the Lakes isn’t overrun with big hotels, but even if it was we think that the best way to enjoy your visit is to stay in a small Guest House, full of character.  Far better to have the personal touch, wouldn’t you agree, in a cosy and intimate Victorian setting?  Close to the town centre, easy to park, comfortable rooms just waiting for you to dump your bags in and start relaxing … heaven!

So, an Ambleside Guest House it is – and we’re delighted to reveal that there is such a place – which is just right for those lucky enough to stumble upon it.  Nice and small (only five double and one single bedrooms), free WiFi (subject always to the vagaries of that temperamental technology – although there’s a strong case for switching the phones off altogether!), and a hearty breakfast each morning (catering for all diets) always assuming you want to get out of bed!

Attractions …

We’ll be delighted to give you a very warm Lake District welcome, and do everything we can to make your stay a memorable one!  If you have any questions or would like to make a booking, please call us on:

01539 432307

or you can visit our web site:

Guest House Ambleside

We look forward to delighting you!